Top of the line comfort: the Dave Lennox signature® air conditioner collection.

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When something is called “the crème de la crème” in its industry it typically has to have quite a back story to strengthen that title. The Dave Lennox Signature Collection carries that label with great pride, offering air conditioners that have revolutionized the industry. From the pioneering SilentComfort™ technology that offers some of the quietest air conditioners in the industry, to its outstanding efficiency ratings, the Dave Lennox Signature Collection is truly something to behold.

Not convinced? Take a look at everything that this collection provides and we think you’ll agree. And if you have any questions about all the benefits included in the collection, don’t hesitate giving Mitchell Heating in Washington DC a call at 202-621-2247. Or, if you’d like to schedule something online, visit our online scheduler and we can get you on our calendar to find a new world of comfort. Air conditioner replacement doesn’t have to be a hassle, so let us work with you to figure out the ideal air conditioner for your home and your budget.

XC25 Air Conditioner

Plain and simple, the XC25 will make you rethink your definition of home comfort and set the bar at a level you didn’t know was there. Being an industry leader in efficiency is a title that the XC25 proudly holds, and one that comes with great expectations from its performance. Luckily, with the power of Precise Comfort® technology it is providing new levels of home comfort and efficiency.

  • Precise Comfort® to keep your home at its optimum comfort level all day
  • SilentComfort technology so it runs at its highest efficiency while remaining nearly silent
  • Up to 26.00 SEER*, an industry-leading efficiency level
  • iComfort®-enabled technology — allows the air conditioner, when installed with the straightforward programmable iComfort Wi-Fi® Touchscreen Thermostat, to exchange information and make changes as needed to optimize performance and efficiency
  • Variable-capacity operation to make small adjustments to keep your home comfortable
  • SunSource® Solar-Ready to provide you the opportunity to save even more
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty on the compressor and covered components

Efficiency Rating (SEER): up to 26
Sound Rating: 59
Price Guide: $$$

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XC21 Air Conditioner

The XC21 isn’t your typical two-stage air conditioner. Its innovative SilentComfort technology provides you with a system that runs so quietly that you could have trouble hearing it when it’s on. Partner that with the reliability and efficiency that you expect from all Lennox products and you’ve got a system that takes your home’s comfort seriously. Oh, and did we already say that it’s already crafted to become solar powered if you ever decide that you’d like to do so? Experience the luxurious comfort and efficiency that the XC21 gives you.

  • SilentComfort technology, providing you almost silent operation
  • iComfort®-enabled technology — allows the air conditioner, when installed with the simple programmable iComfort Wi-Fi® Touchscreen Thermostat, to exchange information and make small inputs as needed to maximize performance and efficiency
  • Up to 21.20 SEER*, reducing your impact on the environment and helping to save you money
  • Two-Stage cooling for enhanced efficiency and more even temperatures
  • SunSource® Solar-Ready so you can go green without buying a new system
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty on all of the covered components and the compressor

Efficiency Rating (SEER): up to 21.2
Sound Rating: 69
Price Guide: $$$

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SL18XC1 Air Conditioner

With the SL18XC1 air conditioner, you can experience the comfort you want in the thick of summer’s heat while living in peace and quiet. This air conditioner offers the highest energy efficiency of any single-stage air conditioner available today, with efficiency ratings of up to 18.50 SEER**. When you enable its solar capabilities, you could experience even lower energy bills, too.

  • SilentComfort™ technology delivers low sound levels
  • Lennox ® Quantum™ coil, engineered to help offer corrosion resistance in harsh outdoor environments
  • Up to 18.50 SEER*, to help you save money on your utility bill
  • SunSource® Solar-Ready helps you become more environmentally friendly and potentially decrease your energy bills
  • Humiditrol®*** whole-home dehumidification system for your enhanced comfort
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty on covered components including compressor

Efficiency Rating (SEER): up to 18.50
Sound Rating: 65
Price Guide: $$$

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If you’re still trying to figure out which air conditioner is perfect for you, give Mitchell Heating a call at 202-621-2247 and we’ll work with you to sort through your air conditioner replacement options. Or, if you’d like, you can use our online scheduler and get ahold of us. We’re here to help make every home in Washington DC as comfortable as it can be, so let us be the ones to help get you there.

* SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, measures the cooling efficiency of your air conditioner and heat pump. A higher SEER rating means greater energy efficiency and more savings for you and the environment.

** Air conditioners/heat pumps have sound ratings established per AHRI’s test standard: AHRI 270-08 (August 2014). The SL18XC1 has the lowest sound rating of any single-stage air conditioner of any major U.S. brand of air conditioner equipment. Efficiency claim based on comparison of single-stage air conditioner products’ SEER as published in AHRI in June 2015. The SL18XC1 has a maximum rated efficiency of 18.50 SEER.

*** Must be accompanied by either a variable speed air handler or furnace and the ComfortSense® 7000 Series touchscreen thermostat.